Cardonald Primary School
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Vocabulary Games 


Early Level Websites 

Letterland sounds

Jack Hartman

Youtube videos- letter sounds, cvc words and vowel song

Sounds -

Cvc -  

Parts of a book -

at sound -

Vowel song -


Top marks

Literacy games -

Oxford Owl Reading


Eary Level Resources 

Letter formation worksheet

Initial sounds 

Initial sounds cut and stick

Book Review

Design Front Cover

CVC word (1)

CVC words (2)

CVC activity booklet (1)

CVC activity booklet (2)

Reading and Writing Activities


First Level Websites 

Jack Hartman

Sounds -

Cvc -  

Sounds  e.g. – at sound –

Vowel song –


Top marks

Literacy games –

BBC Teach

Oxford Owl Reading

First Level Resources

First 100 High Frequency Words

Fiction Challenge Cards 

But and so connectives 

Capital letters and full stops (1)

Capital letters and full stops (2)

Compound words

Comprehension cube

Follow up tasks for reading

Full stop or question mark

My favourite book 

Spelling challenge cards

To, two or too

To, two or too Powerpoint

Verbs (1)

Verbs (2)

Writing a story


Second Level Websites


Top marks

Literacy games –


BBC Teach


Oxford Owl Reading




Woodlands Literacy Trust


Second Level Resources

Critical Thinking Reading Questions

Book Bingo

Second Level After Reading Activities 

Helping your child with Reading 

Helping you child with Spelling 

Scottish Reading Challenge

Poetry Activity Challenge Cards

Second Level - P5 Resources

European Landmarks Comprehension

Flowering Plant Life Cycle

Character Description 

Writing Prompts

Story Summarising 

Second Level - P6 Resources 

Persuasive Writing Powerpoint

Persuasive Writing Template 

Blether Stations Poster

Blether Stations Recording Sheet


Traditional Music Comprehension

Second Level - P7 Resources 

Scotland's Landscape Comprehension

The Mystery of Flannan Isle Conprehension

Skimming and Scanning Space Facts


Uplevelling sentences